As I sit in my office and look at the rain covered window, the drops of water fall into one another like a jigsaw puzzle. Outside it’s cold, wet and miserable. But inside as I sit at my computer, I’m thankful for being dry and warm. It’s days like this that I’m extremely grateful that I don’t work a 9-5 and I’m not forced to go out into the autumn elements.

As I sit designing photography products and preparing blog posts, I’m desperate for inspiration to help boost my creativity. Instead I find frustration and a longing for adventure. I trawl the internet looking at websites dedicated to travel, adventure and freedom.

I take a step back, make myself a mug of green tea, then take 20 minutes out to meditate and recompose. I remind myself that I may not be in the midst of travel and adventure right now, but at least I have the freedom to design my own day….


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